Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie or TV show for Vampire Academy?

On a page on Facebook I saw and read a lot Discussion about if Vampire Academy should be a movie or a tv show?

I personally would love neither a tv show or a movie, the important thing to me is if they are going to do like the book because we all are interesting that what ever we see be the tv show or the movie is that the people who do it keep loyal to the books and fans around the world as like me are expecting the best of what they do. That they keep loyal to Richelle Mead who is the creator of the Vampire Academy books and the character as Rose, Dimitri, Adrian, Christian and Lissa that are the main characters, but what I mean is not that they only stay loyal to this characters but to the all books. 

And not only if it is a tv show or a movie what it matters for is also the people who they will pick to play them that is an essential part of this.Is really important pick the right people who are capable to show the skills, qualities and look like the character because is extremely important for all the fans to feel connected with the character. 

Well all I have to say is that hopefully they do a great job and don't disappointed all fans around the world no matter if it is a tv show or a movie :D

Att: Brigette Tavárez. 

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