Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lost along the way.

Ive been thinking that it really doesn't  matter who we are, how happy we are, all the good things we´ve done or the good things we are planning to do, it doesn't  mater if you studied , if your grades are great or you spent the rest of your life getting ready and preparing yourself for the world out there, because that´s all we want : be ready for the world , for the problems, for futures relationships that´s all it matter,all we care about but at the end it really doesn't  matter how smart you are or how many times you didn't go to bed trying to find a away to do better. 

The truth is that there is a point in our life that we feel complete lost, empty, here is where all the study and preparation of the world or how many books you´ve read don't matter at all because when this time come and it will, even if you don´t see it, (it is there).... you feel that everything you been doing is not worth it because the truth is that along the way... in that precisely moment is where you find yourself, like your true self and is surprising, is shocking. 

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