Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Truth.

What happens if the people you share almost all your life with, the people that make you laugh, feel good most of the time, the ones who are your friends, the ones that make you feel normal, are not the people you really want in your life, because you feel and think is all a fake act like a play, no real. Because the truth is that you are on a search a real search not about common love, happiness, health, joy, friends, you are on a search not only personal but also spiritual search of true love, true happiness, true health, true joy and true friends. The truth is that to find all these things you need to find fist the true about everything about yourself, about the people who is around you, are they real? Or is just an act to pretend that they are good with you?

I want real love... a great love, the real love that can calm you the one and only that can make me happy, but I also want real friend, true ones. All I want is truth, all that people want is truth but as simple as that sound is difficult to get it. 

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  1. this is good but shame my boyfriend lied to me