Saturday, November 13, 2010

I was Wrong.

Your blue eyes got me by surprise, and then I saw what you done to me. I was wrong to think you wouldn’t be on my mind after all we been through, it was silly to think that I could escape from your dark side and even more stupid thinking I didn´t like it when the reality is I love that about you . I just didn´t want to admitted that when you show your dark side I see more than that.
And there are times I hate you, I do. All the things you done to me, but I was wrong, you were wrong, life is much more complicated that what I thought, but you know that I don´t care I still want you here in my life, I might be silly to want you after all this time, you broke my heart into pieces but the true is that I want you, really want you here next to me , so I would say it once : don´t break it again because even I have limits when it comes to love, even silly people like me.

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