Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I am scare.

So here is the truth: I am scare, like freaking scare, like embarrassing scare , so I will tell you this: I am scare of falling in love , I am scare of no falling in love at all, I am scare you reject me for another person , I am scare of touching you , I am scare of breathing the same air of you , I am scare of no giving the best of me , I am scare to lost myself , I am scare of no finding the right way , I am scare of this world that is so unknown to me , I am scare of all this people that I don´t understand , I am scare of reality and the consequences that it might have on my future, I am scare of been scare because there is not worse feeling in this world that feel this way and finally I am scare of you , because you might change me, my world, the rules I´ve been living all this time, you could destroy this wall that has taking me so long to built, If you could understand how damn scare I am, you might be able to understand me a little. 

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