Monday, November 15, 2010

Character of the week .

Chuck Bass.

 In my personal experience the closest I've come to getting it is through massive amounts of hate sex. But that's just me.                                                                                                 
Because, I'm Chuck Bass.

Looks like it's just you and me. Apparently my room's available"

Though she did state something to the effect that he didn't quite satisfy her like I used to.

So dramatic. You should be a writer.

Who knows my limits? I have nothing to lose, since you took away my future.

I love you. Saying it was hard, but I did and I've never looked back.

What names does he call you when you make love? Where does he put his hand?


Tonight. So shut up. And dance with me.


Chuck: You looked hot on Prince Theodore's arm, today.

Blair: Is that what I am to you, just an accessory?

Chuck: Next to him, yes. On me, you'd be so much more.

I should ask you the same question. Perfect gentleman? Perfect date? That broken record was a hit last year. Get with the times, he bores you.

It's just a game. I hate to lose. You're free to go.

As if watching Audrey Hepburn movies isn’t manhood-shriveling enough, I now have to talk about my feelings.

I gave you a shot, and while your efforts were admirable ... I'm bored. You ruined my pants. Goodnight, Blair.

The worst thing I ever did, the darkest thought I ever had.” You said you would stand by me through anything. This, Blair, is “anything.”

The real world. Everyone out there wants to be us.

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