Friday, November 26, 2010


Most of the time we don´t know how strong we are, how we are so capable to hold the pain, to survive after all the damages , pain , loses and suffering we been through, we are strong, we have to be, because life don’t have space for people who are not strong enough. If we look back years ago and look in the present we may notice how things, change so damn much, we might be on denial because, we, human beings we don´t like change, we fear it, we all do and if you go back to the old times and ask us how our life would be we all sure that the  answer is :  hope the best and now we see how our life has turn out ,we don’t recognize that things had change, we deny it , we pretend that nothing had happens because change is hard, we wish things stay the same but the truth nothing stay the same , things change and we do to.

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