Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why are we here on earth?

The question of our whole existence ... This came to me today by my sister, a simple question that we all question. If God already has everything prepared and know all the mistakes that we undertake to send us to this world "to waste time? ... No. Today I think I know the answer, I do not know if you want to trust what I say but here goes.

I think we came to earth to become better people.

To create something amazing that surprises others.

To find the missing part of us to complete our existence.

To love someone so much you feel the heart ache so much love.

To have beliefs, make decisions.

To go through the sadness and then realize it was all a process to have something to fight for.

You came to earth to realize that although life is full of obstacles and there are also bad people who love you and care about you.

You are here for you to notice how much God loves you and has given you, no matter how many times you've made to suffer, to learn that it is true forgiveness and that we are nothing without him.

But most important are here to love unconditionally, to love and be loved.


  1. sounds good and all, but what happens if u dont buy the whole "god idea" (like me, mainly because of the problems of suffering, evil, natural disaster and just lack of evidence)...for me, life has no obvious meaning, we where not created with a purpose or a its our job to make our life count. by being the best we can be, and helping to make this world a better one.

    not saying this to be controversial. but since u shared ur thoughts with us, i thought i would return the favor :).

  2. I am glad you share your thoughts too. I mean I understand your point of view and sometimes I feel the same way but I also believe that we are here to make life count just like that.. it might sounds stupid but is what I think.. It has to be a purpose even a stupid one because if it din´t have one we wouldn't ´t be here today.