Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little Details .

I feel bad, in many ways.

Why it is easier to assume that someone is just wrong?, Why cant assume that this has become another person, I wonder why it's easy to assume that actually face the facts of each day, to admit that we do not know something instead

People change in seconds, minutes, weeks, years. And then there is facts that just change you forever , you can´t decide it just happens, when things change so much that you can’t  talk about it , the pain becomes the matter of life and ,  happiness ends up being something very distant and almost impossible. When you need a hug and there aren´t hands to hug you, when you fall and no person is there to catch you, things like that change your life , because we are so incomprehensible, so far removed from reality?. We only see what we see what we want to see and not what is in front of our eyes.

They are small changes that make a big difference in the life of a human being.

It's the little details that rob us big smiles:

A hug
A kiss
An encouraging word in the midst of problems
A hand to support you in the dark.

These are details that steal your heart.

If the human being understood that minor changes and details that make great changes.

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