Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life is hard.

Life is hard, really hard. For some people simply am a negative person, but this is the truth, I think just someone who sees something and says so. If you're not ready to go out there and deal with gossip, humiliation, threats holds the life you're just screwed, sorry for Paul but is simply the truth. Be prepared for enemies (who are not happy with their lives and want to destroy your own), but also ready to find wonderful people who rejoice when they succeed and are there for you any time, you will see all kinds of people: envy you in secret, pretending to be your friend when you really do not support, those who smile when you really are thinking about is how to make you the path to success more difficult than it already is. But this is only the negative side that comes in the package of life, but there is another package that comes with all the good things: the people who are hard-pressed to see everything they can to help those who admire you for everything  you do, they try to make the path to success and lively but always comfortable going to see tears. It is these parts that makes life less difficult and more entertaining to have people support you making you feel that you are not only faced these difficulties:)

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