Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fantasy books.

I haven´t read any horror books, only fantasy so....

Like we are on Halloween , I will give you a list of what I consider best Fantasy books I´ve read and other I haven´t but I will definitely read it. I hope you get motived to read some of them.

1-Morganville Vampire Series- Rachel Caine.
2 - Southern Vampire mysteries- Charlaine Harris.
3-Vampire Academy- Richelle Mead.
4-City of Bones- Cassandra Claire.
5-Harry Potter- J.K.Rowling.
6-The Dark Tower Series - Stephen King.
7-Twilight - Stephanie Meyer.
8-The awakening - L.J Smith.
9-The Host- Stephanie Meyer.


  1. hey, this is enishi39 from twitter, just wanted to comment on how awesome ur blog was XD i like it ;)...and i wanted to know if uve read anything by anne rice?? and what are ur thoughts on her :)

    keep up the good work...and when making lists, do discuss why each of those books made it into it :)

  2. Ohh thank you so much , I am so glad you like it. Yes I´ve read Interview with the Vampire buy Anne Rice, it was ok I just want more action on the book just that.

    :) HOpe we can.