Saturday, October 30, 2010

Experience Shows .

Experience shows who are the right people, who are there for you when you need it and who isn´t. What is important? although some people  always disappoint me, but there are those who surprised me with their generosity, warmth and joy to me. These people mean the world to me. These are what makes me proud to have them in my life. Sometimes is not enough to make you laugh sometimes just sometimes you  want a little more, just a little more than the daily laugh ... Want to compromise.

Want to be in the memorable moments of your life, laughter and sadness.
 There are three types of people that come for one reason: they are those who come into your life for some reason no matter what, either negative or positive. Then there are those who go in season: these are the in and out of your life. And are you all in 
your life: These are a person worth fighting for, which is worth mourn because those are why you never will.

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